Comet C610H


Hydraulic centrifugal pump for low pressure treatments in agriculture

USES The assembly, composed of a hydraulic motor and C610 centrifugal pump, is designed for use in large towed or self-propelled bar systems, for weeding and low crop treatments in agriculture.

PERFORMANCE Satisfying the need for high flow rates and reduced sizes, it ensures easy application on the machine independently from power take-off and allows precise and safe operations if associated to a computerised system for adjusting and controlling distribution; it is therefore the ideal when the environmental conditions and and the high intensity of work demand simple, reliable solutions.

The Performances depend on the oil flow rate of the hydraulic system and can reach up to a maximum of 654 l/min and a maximum pressure of 7.0 bar with the delivery closed.

The pump is designed to maintain a high flow rate whatever work pressure is used.

Pump body in cast iron with cataphoresis treatment. 

Polyamide rotor, Graphite-Silicon-Viton® mechanical seal.

Ideal for use on large towed or self propelled bar systems, for weeding and for low crop treatmnts          

Hydraulic Activation : M08

Max Flow Rate : 654 l’ / 173 USg’

Max Pressure : 7.0 bar / 102 psi

Price on requestNZ$ (+GST)