Hot Water Gold Plus +

  • 1450RPM industrial low speed double bearing motor and pump
  • Industrial external unloader and safety valve
  • Delayed total stop, 30 minute shut down if idle and micro leak protection
  • Double spiral extended heavy duty heating coil
  • Low fuel cut off and warning light
  • Independent blower motor and fuel pump
  • High pressure chemical
  • 24v electrics on pressure switches etc
  • Magic eye for spark/fuel to avoid soot up
  • Steam stage to max of 150dc. Working temp max 120dc
  • Stainless steel cover in 430 ss
  • Industrial 10 mt, 3/8 heavy duty hose, gun and 1200 ml lance, s/s nozzle
  • Rust proof black painted chassis

Designed for heavy duty use.

We use this model in our workshop – feel free to pop in for a demo/check it out

This machine is voted BEST hot water cleaner by a group of independent resellers in New Zealand.

Price on requestNZ$ (+GST)