Hot Water KD300 M

KD 300 M

Option:1710 psi 10.2 l/m

Crankshaft pump build in unloader Fuel tank with level floater and fill up filter
Regulated high-pressure detergent suction (only models with water tank
regulated low-pressure detergent suction (only models without water tank)
Readily serviceable suction filter
Professional 4-pole motor (1400 rpm)
Integrated pressure unloader valve
Self-priming pumps
Timed TotalStop
Pressure gauge
Safety valve
Boiler thermal protection
Delayed burner start
Low voltage control panel
Motor protected with a thermal relay
Rotary On-Off switch
Temperature setting thermostat
No fuel indicator
Machine switched on indicator
Continuous use
Big solid wheels (260 mm )
Separate boiler fan unit
Comet ZW-K and LW-K pumps with 3 integral ceramic pistons and brass pump head.

Price on requestNZ$ (+GST)