Hot Water KM Classic

KM Classic

Option:1710 psi 11 l/m

18-litre capacity fuel tank with level float and fill up filter
Low pressure detergent suction with adjustment of the quantity from an inside tank; possibility of using an external detergent tank
Direct water suction with readily serviceable suction cartridge filter
4-pole motor (1400 rpm) with Comet LW-K pumps with brass pump manifold
FW2 pump with flanged valve on 8.15
Timed TotalStop
EASY-START on 1-230 models
Delayed burner start
Professional safety valve
Boiler thermal protection
Rotary On-Off switch
Contactor and motor protection with amperometric control
Temperature setting thermostat
No fuel indicator
Machine switched on indicator
Phase control indicator

Price on requestNZ$ (+GST)