Hot Water Orion 120/11

Orion 120/11

Option:1710 psi 11 l/m

-Delayed total stop. high pressure chemical
-H.P. pump with 3 ceramic pistons on line
-Electrical motor 230-400V with 2 bearings and overload thermal protection
-Vertical boiler with weldless double coil 3/8, bottom made of refractory cement
-Delayed start of 6 sec. of the burner spark
-Independent burner motor
-Water tank with automatic float level
-Device on the control panel for the suction of the detergent on high pressure
-Thermostat for temperature adjustment 30-100 C
-Nr. 3 pressure switches
-Safety valve
-Electric panel at 24 volts complete of remote control switch and thermal overload
-Transformer 230-400-24 Volt
-Delayed total stop adjustable 0-30 sec
-Pressure gauge for pressure adjustment
-By pass valve and pressure adjustment
-Nr 2 water filter
-Detergent filter
-Fuel filter
-Fuel tank 23 lt
-Double steel plaited high pressure hose 10 mt
-Service lance of 120 cms with automatic gun
-Stainless steel water nozzle

Price on requestNZ$ (+GST)