Warthog nozzles

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Warthog nozzles use a fluid braking system to slow nozzle rotation so that the jets have time to penetrate and break up deposits.
Warthog sewer nozzles come in standard, descaling, and pulling configurations.
Nozzles have patented controlled rotation technology and a balanced jetting configuration to deliver superior results in nearly all applications.
These tools are most commonly used with small capacity combination trucks and large trailer jetters.

Nozzle Terminology:

  • Standard Nozzles with a balanced jetting configuration that deliver ideal results in most conditions
  • Descaling Nozzles with jet angles that deliver greater impact to the side of the pipe in order to remove
    heavy calcium deposits, scaling and sidewall build-up
  • Pulling Nozzles with jet angles that create additional thrust for long runs, climbs, or flushing
  • Switcher A Warthog Magnum with patented technology enabling the operator to send full pump
    flow to either a set of pulling jets OR a set of descaling jets while the tool is in the pipe
  • Blast Prevention Warthog Magnum nozzle using patented Blast Prevention technology to allow full power cleaning
  • Root Destroyer Warthog Magnum nozzle combining controlled rotation with a unique 8 jet cutting
    configuration optimized for removing roots

Minimum required for these nozzles: 3000PSI, 15LPM

These are for Industrial applications only.
Please call for further information.

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